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Q: How many entries can I have?

A: Each user can create up to three (3) entries per email address.

Q: Does it cost money to play?

A: No, the game is free to play.

Q: What is the deadline to pick my fantasy team?

A: All selections must be submitted 5 minutes prior to the first scheduled tee time on the first day of each tournament. In the event a tournament is postponed due to weather, the deadline to submit golfers is still 5 minutes prior to the scheduled first tee time.

Q: Can I join a league with other friends?

A: Yes. When entering you can create or join a league of friends to compete against. Leagues are collections of people -- friends, colleagues, co-workers, whomever -- who have agreed to have their own private contest within the larger contest. You can compete against the people you choose while also competing in the larger contest simultaneously.

Q: How many leagues can I join/create?

A: Users are limited to joining a maximum of three (3) leagues per entry.

Q: How many times can I select a golfer during the season?

A: During the Contest, you can only choose each golfer a maximum of ten (10) times for your fantasy team. Once you’ve used a golfer 10 times, that golfer will no longer be available for selection to your fantasy team.

Q: Why is the golfer I want to select not available to be picked?

A: Only golfers that are official PGA TOUR members are eligible to be selected in the fantasy game. During the four Major tournaments, the World Golf Championships, and THE PLAYERS, however, the entire field of golfers will be made available for selection.

Q: How do my golfers score points?

A: The four players selected for your fantasy team will play through the tournament and will be awarded official FedExCup points for their outcome. The number of FedExCup points a player receives in a tournament is determined by his finish and is a fixed formula based on placement in the final standings. The FedExCup points awarded to each player will be that player’s fantasy score for the week. See official rules for more details.

Q: Do I have to select 4 golfers every week?

A: You do not have to select 4 golfers, however, you will only receive points for the golfers you successfully submit prior to the deadline.

Q: How does dropping the lowest score work?

A: At the end of the season, all Participants will have their lowest score dropped. This dropped score will not affect weekly scoring or tie breakers.